Blog #1 - Feb 1st 2019


I’m going to do a monthly blog and talk about this project.  It makes sense, so many things happen that are not on stage or in a song, and it’s important to document them and shape out what goes into what you are listening to.  

I hope you enjoyed my first single “Far” and the video for it too. As it was my first, I learned so much about what goes into a release, what its like, and how it feels to release music – it feels amazing!  This is the first time I’m putting my own music out into the world – it is authentically me.  It’s been an overwhelming process, and I can’t say how great it makes me feel.  

It’s now 2019 and I am ready to release the music video for “Evolve”.  This song is near and dear to my heart.  It’s about rethinking a relationship once the dust has settled and seeing it for what it was. It is an honest reflection and appreciation for what was lived and learned.  

It’s not always easy to be able to say what you want to say about a song, but this just popped right out.  A dear friend of mine had passed, and I wanted to write a song for him so that I had something to remember him by as I got older, something that would bring me back to the raw emotion of what happened.  I played the four chords, and this song fell out.  

It wasn’t for him though.  It was like my body had been harvesting this idea inside me,  but had to release it in whole to take care of the task at hand.  I hit record, and I got it.  I took it to a rehearsal and my long-time drummer, Jason Cipparrone loved it.  It was the first time I impressed him with a song.  We had been working together since 2003, and he deeply undertook my difficulty with writing songs for a project that already had two competent songwriters, and the constant revisions and ultimate rejections I had undergone.  

Andrew Monteiro, another forever friend took a shine to it.  Now, here’s where I admit that this song didn’t have a bridge (so maybe it didn’t come out exactly whole!).  I wrestled with bridge ideas until Andrew finally played the three chords that cracked the code and I heard the melody instantly.  

I hope you enjoy  “Evolve”.  The next blog will go into the making of the music video, which will be released on